Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 34: The 'Dreaded Home Visit'

In the past few days we have had a few enquiries about our piggies, when they will be ready for adoption etc. We've decided that Petina, Gertie and their 4 babies can be viewed starting from this weekend (they will be 3 weeks old). Obviously, they won't be rehomed until 6 weeks old (this is the average age most rescues rehome at).

However, in the meantime if you are interested in adopting a pair (Petina + female baby, Gertie + female baby or 2 baby boars) you can view them, place a reserve and whilst we wait for the 6 weeks to be up we can sort out a home visit. Mouse and babies won't be ready to view for a wee while yet.

Now, I've been a home visitor for nearly 3 years. I love doing them, even after driving miles to where ever I need to go after work, before work, on a weekend, on my days off . I love talking to people that love animals and offering any advice needed.

Although, I totally appreciate that many people perceive home visits to be any or all of the following - scary, waste of time, an intrusion, formality, investigation, judgement of your home and character - the list goes on! Which just in case you were wondering is rubbish. Home visits are more of a learning experience, a chance to informally chat and ask any questions (even the most expert animal carers might learn something, even if it's just about our adoption process).

The main things we chat about in regards to pigs and rabbits is...

Diet & Nutrition
Good vets (vaccinations & insurance with rabbits)

Our website covers all these things so have a read of our resources to get an idea. There's no test - all the info is there!

I hate it when people say it's an 'inspection' - home visitors are animal loving, volunteers donating their time to see our animals go to fab homes. Police officers we ain't!

Of course I'm sure there are bad home visitors out there, as with any job you get 'bad apples'. After viewing an animal and having a home visit you should feel like you know all about the animal you are adopting, have the knowledge to care for them properly and know that you are now part of our branch's wonderful adopters community! Oh and that you need to remember to send 'happy ending' photos for us to coo over...

The thing with breeders and pet shops is that you don't get this level of bespoke service and support (as well as the reassurance that we know what we are talking about!). We hear this all the time from our adopters who have purchased animals and the associated products in the past on bad advice. They are shocked that what they have been told to do or buy is wrong or based on out of date knowledge. These are the people most grateful that we do home visits!

So for anyone that's ever been put off adopting from a rescue because of the 'dreaded home visit' please don't be. We are a friendly bunch just making sure that you are well prepared for your new arrival/s.

Chances are if you adopt a piggy/s from our branch it'll only be me turning up on your doorstep. Good or bad thing? I'll let you decide that one.

Here's the latest picture of our baby bunnies.....

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