Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 48 & 49: C&C cages v 'Shop bought' cages

Recently I’ve had a few people asking me about housing for piggies. I had a look online at the cages available and it was pretty shocking. Most cages are 100cm and under and cost a fortune! The largest I could find was over 150cm but cost £160!

I hate to think that piggies get stuck in pokey cages and their owners end up paying through the teeth. This is why I built my own C&C cages.

Hebe loves her comfy bed and fleece to sleep on rather than traditional wood shavings

I’ve mentioned them in a past blog but I thought I’d include more pictures & explain at bit more why they are great.

1.       They are cheap £30 roughly for a box of cubes/ £15 for a sheet of plastic for the base.
2.       You can make them to any shape and size you like.
3.       Easy to clean (sweep up everyday, change fleece and litter trays once a week).
4.       Unlimited headroom.
5.       Can be personalised with fleeces and lighting to blend in to your home.
6.       Most importantly piggies love the space!
7.        You can put the cage on the floor or on a table to easily reach your piggies.

Only problem is that you have to build them yourself. Clicking the cubes together is easy as is rounding up the toys, litter trays, hidey huts etc (you can spend more after saving so much money on the cage!).
You can be creative with C&Cs!
It’s the plastic base that is a bit of a faff. I ordered mine online and then cut it to fit my cage by measuring the internal dimensions and scoring the plastic, bending to fit. You just need to google ‘sign plastic’ ‘corrugated plastic’ or ‘coroplast’ and you can buy a sheet in different colours if you like. Lasts pretty much forever though!
Two groups of pigs living separately but side by side

 So yes, C&C cages are the best – your piggy and wallet will thank you for building one!

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