Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day 36: Brad

Last night I had the pleasure of doing Brad guinea pig's home visit for a lovely family Liverpool way. They have a gorgeous abby ginger female pig (around 5 months) in need of a friend and hopefully this will be Brad! I'll be doing the bonding in a few weeks time at my house so it's very exciting (I need to get this darn Half Marathon out of the way first)! Of course it's not a given that they will bond but fingers crossed it'll be successful.

I love doing home visits with families because children have such a unique way of looking at animals. Brad's potential new owners had a list of questions they wanted to ask me, here are my favourites...

Can guinea pigs eat pear?
Why do their hearts beat so fast? Is it safe?
Can they eat limes?
What sounds mean they are happy?
Can guinea pigs climb?
Do guinea pigs mind the TV being on in the evenings?

How sweet is that? Thankfully I knew all the answers!

So watch this space in regards to Brad & Ginger's bonding!

Mouse and babies are doing so well. I love the fact she has to walk on stilts because there's always a baby trying to dash under her belly either for protection or some food! She's very tolerant, it would get on my nerves....

Here's the latest pictures for your enjoyment.

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