Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day 50 & 51: Very happy days!

I have various bits of wonderful news that you are going to love!

Firstly, I did Petina & Biscuit's home visit today which passed with flying colours. It's great to see adopters educating themselves before getting a new animal. Petina & Biscuit will have a lovely C&C cage, complete with fleecey blankets, huts and lots of toys. Lucky pigs! They will hopefully be collected on Tuesday.

Secondly, remember Ralph the neutered male? Well he's been rehomed to live with 2 lady pigs. After a few weeks of living side by side they are now together and very happy! See picture below of one very smug Ralph (he's at the front of the run)....

I got the following text from his adopter Cheryl:

''As you can see progress is being made - Ralph is now enjoying time with the girls enjoying fresh dandelions - bonding going very well. He's had a bath and been groomed too!''
This is definitely the best part about volunteering for an animal charity.

Thirdly, Otto, one of Mouse's babies has been rehomed and successfully bonded with new big brother Chas! How cute is this picture?

Finally, bonding with neutered male Brad and potential lady friend Ginger is looking very promising. They have been living in my house for a week side by side in neighbouring cages. They have been interacting and sleeping side by side so today I introduced them on neutral territory.

No scraps, squeals or anything of any great note. I was ready for a battle on my hands but thankfully not! Ginger is extremely confident whilst Brad is very nervous so it works well. Ginger would annoy less tolerant piggies and I'm sure would start a fight with a dominant female. She constantly follows him, nudges him and generally is an annoying teenager with him! But he puts up with it very well and warns her off when she's gone too far. She has not stopped popcorning and I'm so pleased she's no longer alone (don't let me down now Ginger!)

We are at the stage when they are being a bit amorous but that will start to disapear when they are less of a novelty to eachother. Happy days!

I'm still keeping a very close eye on them but they are in the same cage now - lots of noise but no scrapping. I will keep you posted! Here's some pictures from today....
First thing this morning - bonding starts over parsley

Following each other around.... Brad looking scared of me rather than Ginger!

This evening after a whole day on neutral ground, just before going into new cage for the night. Brad taking cover!

I love being a guinea pig match maker even if it may give me an ulcer through stress..... :-)

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