Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 47: Making friends

After the fun and games that was the Liverpool Half Marathon I'm quite pleased to have a relatively quiet week ahead. I only have 2 guinea pig related tasks to complete! Petina & Biscuit's home visit is on Saturday so I'll be doing that and secondly I'm continuing to bond Brad the RSPCA piggy with his potential girlfriend Ginger.

It's going very well so far, they are living side by side and definitely enjoying eachothers company. Brad is a very timid piggy but when he's near Ginger he becomes much happier, more relaxed and chatty. It's lovely to see him acting like a guinea pig should instead of being scared and lonely on his own. Why people keep these sociable animals alone is beyond my comprehension - I can only presume they have never experienced a group of happy, chattering and pottering piggies!

Here's some pictures from the first few days...

Ginger having a nosey

The first day meeting Brad through the bars (you can see him in the background hiding!)

Nudging noses and chatting to eachother 

Dinner time!

Ginger reminding me that her claws need a manicure!

It's still early days but I hope by the weekend we can introduce them on a neutral ground and see how we get on. Often reactions through bars don't give you a proper indication of how they will get on when physically together but I really do think it takes the 'edge' off when they finally meet. They get used to each others movements and smells etc.

I will keep you posted!

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