Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 37 & 38: The winners!

The winning names for the piggy babies were.....

1st Biscuit 26 votes
2nd Cyril 22 votes
Joint 3rd Juba & Spook 11 votes each

And here they are!

Petina & Biscuit

Gertie & Spook

Juba & Cyril

Petina's babies Juba & Biscuit are 3 weeks old (Juba has been separated). Gertie's babies Spook & Cyril are 2 weeks old. When Cyril is 3 weeks he will be paired up with Juba.

If you are interested in adopting any of these pairs we are allowing viewings, reservations & home visits to be completed ready for when the piggies reach adoptable age at 6 weeks old. You can see them on our website. Contact us on or 0161 882 0680. 

Ralph the adult neutered male piggy we have up for adoption has a viewing tomorrow so fingers crossed!

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