Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 44: Otto

It's been a very good day today! Firstly, Mouse got the all clear from the vets and was safely dropped off at our private boarders ready for viewings by potential adopters. The babies were all sexed (just to double check!) and we do indeed have 2 girls and one boy. Otto (above) the boy will be separated next Saturday when he's 3 weeks old. But never fear - he's going to live with this chap....

This is handsome Chas, a 4 year old male guinea who lives with a lovely lady called Julie who volunteers at the RSPCA Stockport Branch. Chas lost his friend earlier in the year and has been a bit lonely since so Otto should do the trick we think! It's great that he won't be alone as is often the case with males as they are a bit tricker to find a friend for (you need just the right age and personality match).

Mouse, Cosmo & Nova are now up for viewings on our website so if you are interested give us an email before they get snapped up - I think Mouse is the most famous piggy in Manchester at the moment! Our email is or call 0161 882 0680. They must be rehomed as a trio.

I picked up Brad the neutered male and brought him back to my house ready for bonding to start next week with his potential girlfriend. Poor boy is very skittish but I'm hoping his new confident lady friend will be just what he needs.

Now off to put my playlist together for the Half Marathon on Sunday!

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