Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 43: Auf Wiedersehen piggies

Today is a bit of a sad day. Tomorrow Mouse, Cosmo, Nova & Otto are going to live at our private boarding facility whilst they are waiting for their new homes. They are 2 weeks old and going strong so I'm not worried but it is sad that they won't be around anymore. En route I will be taking them to our exotic vet for a check-up on Mouse's ear.

Luckily, Otto has a viewing tomorrow and if all goes well I will be doing his home visit on the same day ready for him to go home when he's old enough. He will hopefully be bonded with a 4 year old boar who has lost his buddy this year.

But I won't be down on numbers for long. When I drop Mouse and co off I will be picking up Brad the male piggy and bringing him back with me in preparation for starting bonding next week (see older post).

So here are the last pictures this end of the gang.....

......this is definitely the worst thing about fostering!

All together


Cosmo & Nova


If you can offer a fabulous home to Mouse and her 2 babies Cosmo & Nova please get in touch via email

Only the bestest home will do & they will be a trio! :-)

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