Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 7: Chuffed

I’m very chuffed today. Not only has some wonderful person bought some cosies for our rescue pigs (Mouse getting first dibs!) but I’ve also just taken delivery of two new huge cages! They were donated by a fellow piggy lover who has been following Mouse’s blog (thank you!). I’m in the process of moving her from the small one she was rescued in to this lovely new one…

It’s funny how quickly Mouse’s fortunes have changed in just over a week. I think she’s already got used to fleecy beds, fresh herbs and greens and being in the toasty warm. I hope all this good treatment doesn’t turn her into a diva. It’s nice to know that her pups will have the best start and never know the life that Mouse has experienced thus far.
With any other rescue pig I would start handling them gradually everyday to get them ready for adoption. Obviously, I’m trying to pick her up as little as possible because she’s so pregnant at the moment so she’s still very skittish when handled (she would just throw herself on the floor if she could!). Most of our small animal rescues are tricky to handle at first (I have the scratches to prove it!) due to lack of regular (and positive) human interaction. Some come round quickly, others take a little longer. Some sadly will never trust people even after years of being spoilt rotten.
Our branch manager took in 2 house rabbits that we couldn’t rehome at the branch because of their timid nature. Well, ‘freaked out’ nature is probably the best way to describe it . Being a massive rabbit lover she took them home to live out their lives (they were knocking on) . They have a big pen and lots of lovely grub but are pretty much left to their own devices. They were just too damaged from their early lives to integrated into a regular home. They are still going strong, the hermit lifestyle clearly is what they needed! I'm sure Mouse will come round soon and make a great addition to someone's family.
As you can see from this video, she's definitely getting braver! I don't normally feed my lot dried food but that's pretty much all what Mouse's diet consisted of prior to rescue. I'll be weaning her off it after she pops!

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