Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 17: Sponsor me!

Today I'm being very cheeky so I apologise straight away. Last year I started running. I'd never run before in my life but decided that I'd do the Manchester 10K for our branch. At first I nearly died, hurt my knee (due to incorrect trainers!) and wanted to quit. But after a while I started to enjoy it, completed 3 10Ks and now a year later I'm asking for your help to sponsor me to complete the Liverpool Half Marathon. I must be mad.

I've decided that I'm going to raise money specifically for Mouse and all the other guinea pigs and rabbits in our care that were rescued from the Booth's Garden Centre fire. We need a serious amount of cash to pay for their vet treatment, neutering, vaccinating, chipping and boarding. Here's the break down:

Guinea pig neuter (we need 2) = £40 each
Rabbit neuter (we need 3) = £60 each
Rabbit spay (we need 2) = £70 each
Vet health check (for all 10) = £25 each
VHD Vaccination for rabbits (we need 5) = £25
Myxi Vaccination for rabbits (we need 5) = £20
Boarding (for all 10) = £2 per day, per animal

TOTAL: £875 not including boarding

So yes I'm being cheeky and asking you to sponsor me for whatever amount you can. You can do it very quickly and safely via the Just Giving site

Miss Mouse is obviously fully behind the cause seen as though it includes her. With the amount of food she's eating we might need £875 quid just for that! She's so brave now coming out wheeking for food. She puts her little feet on the food bowl ready. She really is a very pretty thing now I can see her and she's not hiding away. This sponsor money will pay for her infected ear treatment, health checking of the babies and if she gives birth to a single boy any neutering needed.

Thank you fellow piggy & rabbit enthusiasts!

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