Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 19: Let's hear it for the boars!

Ralph (top) & Brad Pigg (bottom)

When we took in Mouse and the other piggies and rabbits from the Royton fire I made a pact with our branch manager Susie. I said I'd make it my personal mission to rehome all the guinea pigs and raise money towards their care. Annoyingly, she hasn't forgotten. So I need as much help as possible from my fellow small animal lovers!

I've already banged on about the Liverpool Half Marathon I'm doing to raise money for them and you can still donate via Just Giving....

It's going very well so far, the piggies have £123 but my dream target is £500 so please share with friends!

Another way you can help is by sharing info on the guinea pigs as they come up for adoption.

We already have the lovely sheltie Ralph and Brad Pigg (see above) the neutered males. They need to be rehomed separately with a female or group of females. Adding a neutered male to some lady pigs creates a wonderful dynamic in a herd. It often stops bickering between the girls and generally balances everything out (this is how their closest cousins live in the wild). I'll be writing a blog post all about this very soon if you still aren't convinced.....

From L-R Mr Quin (neutered male), Hebe, Hera, Pandora, Attica - my gang!

We will of course have 3 young female adult piggies (they are roughly 4/5 months at the moment) Mouse, Petina & Gertie up for adoption in the next couple of months after they have given birth and weaned their babies. Obviously, we have no idea what gender the babies will be but keep us in mind if you are thinking of getting some new additions to your family or know someone that is. Pretty please remember we don't rehome animals as children's pets, an adult must be the primary carer.

There's great benefits to adopting from our branch. Not only do we offer a bespoke home visit tailored to each piggy but we offer support and advice for the entire life of the animal. All our pigs (and bunnies) are checked by an exotic specialist vet too. We can also provide a bonding service (subject to availability).

We rehome up to 1 1/2 hours from Stockport to reduce the stress of travel on the pigs so please do get in touch if you would like to rehome any future arrivals! Our email is

Thank you to all that have donated and supported the piggies so far - you really are stars!

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