Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 2: Vet trip

Today I took Mouse to the vets. I’m trying not to handle her at the moment and let her get on with her pregnancy in peace so a trip in the car to the vets wasn’t much fun for either of us! I wrapped her up snug in a fleecy blanket to keep her warm. I also had to take one of my own pigs to the vet so it was yet another balancing act carrying them into the car!

The vet had a good look down her right ear and at the wound. It’s very infected and pretty nasty (see picture). The infection has gone down the ear and is full of fluid. It’s a prime example of why you should always get a vets opinion as they have the tool (an otoscope) to look deep into the ear, where an owner can’t see.

She needs antibiotics (called Marbocyl) but the vet has decided to wait until she’s given birth & the piglets are a week or so old. It’s risky to medicate any pregnant animal for obvious reasons. It’ll be uncomfortable for her but it’s not painful so we are confident she’ll manage seen as though she’s eating/drinking well. The vet confirmed she’s very young (too young to be pregnant) and to make matters worse is physically small too. She could feel a particularly large piglet (sorry pup is the correct term!) so I'm really hoping he/she doesn't cause problems!

Sods law that Mouse’s vet bill was only the cost of a consultation. My own pig on the other hand needs an X-Ray and culture swab up his nose due to persistent sneezing that antibiotics aren’t shifting. It's quite clever really - they take a swob and then try and grow whatever's up there in a laboratory. They can then try to eradicate the sample using whatever medication. Then they will know what product to treat the actual animal with effectively. It's £150 I’ll never see again! But if it gets him sorted of course it’s worth it.

On the way home my pig (he’s called Rodney by the way & was rescued at Christmas) was chatting away and popcorning. He’s a very happy soul and all his noise made Mouse pop her head out from under her blanket. Maybe he’s telling her everything’s going to be alright? Who knows what they chatter about.

So now Mouse (and Rodney) are safely back home and chomping on broccoli. She’s definitely becoming more settled and pops out every now and again before running back for cover. Not heard a ‘wheek’ yet but I’m sure she will soon. I’m off to check my bank balance….

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