Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 22: Chilled out

Every morning I wake up excited that little baby pigs will be sat waiting for me. Every morning I walk in, lift Mouse's blanket (she likes to sleep under a blanket in her cage) and there's nothing but a chilled out, chunky pig looking back at me!

What's going on Mouse?! The babies are kicking away, I can feel feet and heads but still they make us wait. Sigh! It must be rather uncomfy.

I received more photos of the RSPCA Derby branch's piggies today - piggy pile on! Mum Delilah & 2 girl babies are doing very well and called Karen and Leanne.

I do have some other good news, we have had some interest in Ralph the neutered male piggy. Hopefully someone will be going to see him very soon. We've also had people interested in our baby pigs so if you are considering it too please get in touch

You can read our guinea pig adoption policy and other care leaflets on our website.

I'm off for a run so I'll be ready for this darn Half Marathon!

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