Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 16: Derby RSPCA

Yesterday whilst I was working on the branch's Twitter page I came across a 'tweet' from a fellow RSPCA branch about piggies (each RSPCA branch is an independant charity). Obviously, I had to investigate further and discovered that Derby Branch had a pregnant pig too! However, unlike slow-coach Mouse within a couple of hours of enquiring about her I was told she had given birth, I asked for pictures and look what I got...

This is beautiful girl Delilah and her 2 babies at just a few hours old. Delilah came into the Derby branch's care with another piggy Samson (obviously!) with a typical and frequently heard story. Their owners didn't want them, gave them to someone else who didn't want them and then ended up in RSPCA care. This is dad Samson - he's a gorgeous agouti and ginger lad....

I often wonder why people keep unneutered animals together if they aren't interested in the animal to begin with because it's only going to exacerbate the problem when they start breeding. It's the same with cats, dogs, rabbits etc. Some people have very random misconceptions about animal reproduction too. I've had people tell me siblings won't breed. I've had people totally confused why they have pregnant animals because they 'only let them play together for a minute'. I've had people insist they had 2 female rabbits because 'they had long hair and look like girls'. Bonkers.

Granted sexing small animals can be tricky but don't risk it, get to a savvy vet and get it checked. Don't let unneutered animals of the opposite sex 'play' together even for a second. It's simple really. Neutering is so routine now, and with so many charities providing reduced or even free neutering there's really no excuse. It's just part and parcel of responsible pet ownership.

I really wish that I could articulate the massive overpopulation and consequent suffering iresponsible breeding causes. But thankfully Samson, Delilah and yet to be named babies are in safe hands.

Sorry to disapoint anyone thinking they were Mouse's babies - the wait continues....

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