Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 6: Cosies

Well Mouse is really coming out of her shell now. I frequently see her waddling around with her huge belly munching on hay and stuffing down greens. What's even better is that she seems comfortable and more relaxed. She loves sleeping on her cosy which I know she'll never have had before.

Cosies are wonderful inventions & guinea pigs just can't get enough of them! Basically it's a bed made out of fleecy material. Owners love them because they are bright and fun, pigs love them to sleep and lounge on.
See my piggy Hebe in a cosy cup.....
 ....and Mr Quin in a cosy bed...
There's all sorts of designs and patterns and I would highly recommend them. All 7 of my gang have one, and woe betide me if I don't leave enough and they have to share.

Our good friend and supporter Pollie runs a site called Cavy Cosies. She raises money for small animal charities across the UK by making and selling cosies, fleecy cage liners, tunnels, cushions etc.

At the moment she is fundraising for our upcoming Rabbit & Guinea Pig Roadshow in April. So if you have piggies why not treat them to a cosy or two and at the same time you'll be donating to us!

If you feel flush you can even buy a bundle to send to us, our rescue piggies would certainly appreciate it.

I'm about to make Rodney pigs day and start hoovering....

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