Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 20 & 21: The Wait

Sorry, sorry, sorry I've done it again and cheated by bringing together 2 blog posts but in all honesty it's been very quiet at piggy HQ. We have no babies, everyone is behaving themselves, no drama.

Mouse is driving me and my partner bonkers with suspense as well as her constant wheeking (or shrieking) for food. She comes right up to the front of her cage now, cheeky madam! Who ever ends up adopting her will have a right little character on their hands!

I do have some cute pictures for you though, here are Petina's babies (keep those names coming in on our Facebook page - my favourite so far being Parsnip!) 3 days old...

.... and here are the baby bunnies at 3 weeks old, can't quite believe how quickly they have grown since rescued from the fire on the 28th of January as newborns!



That's it for today - over and out! 

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