Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 10 & 11: Break

Today I'm doing a cheeky little bit of amalgamation of two days. I promised to write the blog yesterday, but when you get the chance to have a day off in this business, you've got to take it just to save your sanity!

I have spent a couple of days with my parents. They don't have anything smaller than a cat so I've spent two days dog-walking, brushing, feeding and general fussing. Here's a gratuitious pic of Poppy, the rescue Labrador (adopted from North West Labrador Rescue):

People often don't realise that if you are looking for a particular breed of dog to adopt, there are loads of breed specific rescues across the UK, from Springer Spaniels to Great Danes.

Our branch takes in rescued dogs from inspectors, so we never know what breed we are going to get next. On the rabbit and guinea pig side of things its an entirely different ball game in the sense that people often presume we don't even deal with small animals at all, just focusing on dogs and cats. Which of course isn't true - we have nearly 30 at the moment, due to our passion for everything rabbit and guinea pig related. We aren't very good at saying 'no' to inspectors, even when we are over capacity!

This passion is the reason why Mouse is with me at the moment, and the reason why my work tends to come home with me so often. While I was away, my partner kept me abreast of any updates. He reports that having a weekend lie-in was not an option. Mouse has quickly learnt that the whole gang start to get active at the time when we usually get up for work during the week. So at 7am, they all started to get a bit vocal and Dave had to drag himself up. He checked for babies and........

...there were none, but its nice to know he's checking. The wait continues....

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